What Is 5G? And Why Does It Matter? – Ask the Yogi with Salimah feat. Veronica Ciandre

//What Is 5G? And Why Does It Matter? – Ask the Yogi with Salimah feat. Veronica Ciandre

What Is 5G? And Why Does It Matter? – Ask the Yogi with Salimah feat. Veronica Ciandre

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There is a growing conversation and concern about the roll out of 5G, the next generation of wireless, technology.

As electromagnetic beings, it is essential that we become more mindful of its effects, however, the rising levels of fear and helplessness can have effects of their own.

Join Salimah as she interviews, Veronica Ciandre, sought after expert on the effects and reversal of exposure to EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies), particularly WiFi, (soon to be 5G).

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