Visible Light & UV Uses | Electromagnetic Spectrum | GCSE Physics (9-1) |

//Visible Light & UV Uses | Electromagnetic Spectrum | GCSE Physics (9-1) |

Visible Light & UV Uses | Electromagnetic Spectrum | GCSE Physics (9-1) |

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In this video, you will learn this model answer:

Visible light is the light that allows us to see objects around us.
Visible light is also used to transmit data through fibre optic cables.

Ultraviolet radiation is released by the sun, and gives people a suntan.
Ultraviolet light lamps in sun tanning machines emit ultraviolet radiation to give you a suntan.

Security inks are invisible and contain a substance that causes them to be fluorescent under ultraviolet light. So when UV radiation is absorbed by security ink, the security emits visible light.

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