Using Crystals for EMF Protection (August 22, 2011)

//Using Crystals for EMF Protection (August 22, 2011)

Using Crystals for EMF Protection (August 22, 2011)

Body Shield Improved My Energy Level

I used to get very tired after working with computer for 2 hours but wearing body shield, I could continue working on computers for longer hours without fatigue.


EMF Home Shield & Body Shield Is Amazing

I bought EMF home shield and also body shield. Ever since using home shield for home use, my children sleep better and waking up more refresh the next day. The body shield was amazing for me as I get more fresh and alert during the day. I am glad to use the products.




Certified Crystal Therapist, Ashley Leavy, discusses how you can use stones such as Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Lepidolite, and Malachite to protect yourself from the harmful energy given off by electronic devices.

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The information from this video was taken from Ashley's Crystal Healing Interview on "The Healing Fountain" Radio Show. For more information on "The Healing Fountain" please visit

*Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. The information within this site is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach

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