Sunlighten Sauna Mpulse Review EMF meter test

//Sunlighten Sauna Mpulse Review EMF meter test

Sunlighten Sauna Mpulse Review EMF meter test

Body Shield Improved My Energy Level

I used to get very tired after working with computer for 2 hours but wearing body shield, I could continue working on computers for longer hours without fatigue.


EMF Home Shield & Body Shield Is Amazing

I bought EMF home shield and also body shield. Ever since using home shield for home use, my children sleep better and waking up more refresh the next day. The body shield was amazing for me as I get more fresh and alert during the day. I am glad to use the products.



"Wheel in the sky keeps on turning!" Any Journey fans out there? lol.

So these results are right on par with the specs I requested from Sunlighten. 2-4mg These results are also verified third party and NOT by an Electronic Testing laboratory like Intertek like some other sauna companies like to claim or reference. ( is just one example) Some of these sauna companies out there think consumers are pretty dumb. Why don't they just get an NSF verification of their EMF levels (that's an organization for testing equipment according to plumbing codes...Yes Sarcasm applies here). But my point is valid when you think about it.

In regards to how I conduct my validation of EMF levels I always use the same meter for every brand and If you notice I always hold the EMF meter about 2-3 inches away from the emitter on this Sunlighten and that is because when the back rest is over an emitter that is more or less the distance your back is away from it.

If you are conducting your own validations always be sure to keep your meter the same distance away from an emitter for every brand you test. Distance from an EMF source also is a factor in recording levels accurately and consistently.

In the Sunlighten Signature series which is their purely carbon emitter sauna, the EMF levels are just slightly lower. The reason the Mpulse is just a little higher is because the Watt density of the emitters in this full spectrum sauna is far greater which allows it to produce a lot more infrared and especially Mid Range Infrared so that's what sets it apart from the Signature series and also all other carbon emitter saunas out there for that matter.

So remember asking and checking EMF levels is one thing but people seem to always forget to also look at the Watt Density of each emitter in the sauna! One reason for example Clearlight Saunas has lower EMF on their emitters is because their Wattage going to them is lower and this is something that can even be felt if you sit in both brands of sauna.

Their thought was "hey everyone wants as low EMF as possible..ok well lets just reduce the infrared output on our emitters that's one way to lower EMF" wasn't just doing the emitters back to back which other companies besides Clearlight have also done. Oh and for the record there is NO SUCH THING AS NO EMF. all electrical devices give off some level of EMF. Also look at my recent video on the new Clearlight Sanctuary Sauna's Near infrared halogen lamp emitter. Far higher EMF on that. That's definately not a NO EMF Sauna that's for sure.

The amount of infrared intensity in the Sunlighten is noticeably higher. So we have to consider that getting more infrared with a minor raise in EMF can yield far more therapeutic potential for the user.

In general the whole thing about EMF has become way blown out of proportion. Look up real studies on EMF in general and 1-10 milligauss exposure for under an hour poses no health risks. So everyone just needs to freaking relax. Look up the studies on how many mal adaptive negative gene expression changes occur when a person stresses. It's mindblowing how damaging it is to the whole body and immune system. It makes smoking look like a healthy thing to do compared to stress. Low EMF is no where near the consequences of stress...especially low grade chronic stress which most people experience in today's society.

Now sure if a person got low EMF exposure multiple Hours a day everyday could it contribute to a possible problem at some point? Sure but no one uses saunas for that long!

As I have shown in other videos high EMF high risk exposure comes from unlikely places. Consider if you are using a laptop computer and you use the keyboard on the laptop. Get out an EMF meter and you will be horrified. It's around 80-120mg!! And I'm pulling 2-4mg in a Sunlighten sauna lol by comparison. Then think about how long people use their laptops or they use them on their lap!!!

But even THAT is not the really bad kind of EMF signals...the really bad disruptive kind to the brain and neuroendocrine system occur in the microwave or giga bands. For those who don't know WIFI, Cell phones, Cell phone towers, Cordless Phones etc. work in those bands. Don't those signals have the abilities to penetrate through walls and at great distances? YES. Those should be of real concern not so much the EMF coming off some wires of AC or DC current.

To learn more about all this stuff and also ways to reduce EMF in your life shoot me a message at my site or feel free to call anytime:

If you are curious on how other infrared sauna company's EMF claims stack up just ask. **I am authorized to sell every major brand of sauna on the market.

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