Spectrum | Electromagnetic Spectrum | Plank's Constant | Part 2

//Spectrum | Electromagnetic Spectrum | Plank's Constant | Part 2

Spectrum | Electromagnetic Spectrum | Plank's Constant | Part 2

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Physics (Grade 10): High School Learning

Spectrum | Electromagnetic Spectrum | Plank's Constant | Part 2

~What is Electromagnetic spectrum?
~What it is composed of ?
~Concept about “Visible light is just a part of Electromagnetic Spectrum ranging from Radio waves at one end to Gamma rays on the other end.
~Different wavelength ranges and frequency ranges of electromagnetic spectrum.
~Properties (common throughout the electromagnetic spectrum).
~Electromagnetic spectrum is a range of wavelength or spectrum which is emitted through different sources of light but it is the only section is the visible light which we can see (range of visible light is 0.4 -0.8 um).
~The Electromagnet spectrum explained through a diagram involving terms and range of each:
-Radio waves
-Microwave radiations
-Intra red radiations
-Visible light
-Ultra violet light
-Gamma rays

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