Motorcycle Cancer Risk: Motorcycle Seat EMF Radiation – (HQ) Randall Dale Chipkar

//Motorcycle Cancer Risk: Motorcycle Seat EMF Radiation – (HQ) Randall Dale Chipkar

Motorcycle Cancer Risk: Motorcycle Seat EMF Radiation – (HQ) Randall Dale Chipkar

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Olivia Motorcycle Seats & ELF EMF Radiation.
Randall Dale Chipkar exposes the truth about motorcycle cancer risk and excessive ELF EMF radiation emission penetrating up through motorcycle seats. Millions of motorcycles have electrical components located immediately beneath the seat. Chipkar discovered up to 500 mG of non-thermal, non-ionizing extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiation above motorcycle seats.

ELF EMF magnetic radiation readings are evident up to 6 feet away from various motorcycle seats. The prostate, colon and neighboring organs are of major concern along with radiation readings that reach the abdomen, heart and breast area.

Motorcyclists should not have to gamble with cancer-controversial ELF EMF magnetic field radiation penetrating their groins every time they ride. Please visit the website below for part 2 of the motorcycle cancer television interview with Randall Dale Chipkar. Both the award-winning Motorcycle Cancer Book and motorcycle cancer website were developed for rider safety.

Please sign The Motorcycle Cancer Risk Worldwide Petition for global unification of consumer product rational safety standards and labeling regarding ELF EMF magnetic radiation emissions.

Randall Dale Chipkar
The Motorcycle Cancer Book
Chipkar Health Concepts Limited

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