Magnetic field survey reveals numerous Violations of the National Electric Code (NEC)

//Magnetic field survey reveals numerous Violations of the National Electric Code (NEC)

Magnetic field survey reveals numerous Violations of the National Electric Code (NEC)

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Violations to the national Electric Code (NEC) are a fire, shock and magnetic field health hazard. Certified Building Biologists, BBECs and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, EMRSs, use precision 3-axis magnetic field meters to detect, locate, measure and assign a biological risk level for magnetic fields.

In this video Stephanie Sage Kerst, EMRS, provides a summary of magnetic field exposure she and Eric Windheim, EMRS & BBEC measured in this house. The apparent locations and source of magnetic fields wiring errors are tagged for the coming trace, fix and restore to NEC code visit. Most NEC violations are found in switch plates, plug outlets, J-boxes or sub panels.

The most common causes of these NEC code violations can be seen here:

The next step is for Eric to come back with his specially trained EMF electrician to correct the violations of the NEC code and thereby drastically reduce or totally eliminate the magnetic fields. This house will then be a much safer place to live as a result.

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