Interview with Dr. OLLE JOHANSSON – EMF expert by Debra Digiacomandrea

//Interview with Dr. OLLE JOHANSSON – EMF expert by Debra Digiacomandrea

Interview with Dr. OLLE JOHANSSON – EMF expert by Debra Digiacomandrea

Body Shield Improved My Energy Level

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EMF Home Shield & Body Shield Is Amazing

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Live Friday 23 October 2015 at 15: 30h (GMT + 2)

Debra Digiacomandrea interview journalist from USA Dr. Olle Johansson found in Barcelona. The interview will take place in the channel Pandora's Box and can be followed live. Attention !! It will be entirely in English without translation. Later we will put the subtitles to the video.

Dr. Olle Johansson is a scientific authority denouncing the dangers of electromagnetic pollution and has come to Barcelona for a series of talks organized by the NGO Oikos Environmental Association.


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Olle Johansson

Associate Professor of Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

The body of scientific evidence on electromagnetic fields requires a new approach to the protection of public health; the growth and development of the fetus, and children; and calls for strong preventive action. These conclusions are based on previous scientific and public health documenting the following:

Biological (non-thermal) effects of low intensity and adverse health effects are demonstrated significantly lower than the standards existing exposure levels.
The public safety limits of ICNIRP (International Commission for the Protection against non-ionizing radiation, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering), and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) are inadequate and obsolete with respect to the Prolonged exposure to low intensity.
Urgently it needs new rules biologically-based public exposure, to protect public health worldwide.
It is of public interest delay.

"In my presentation I will make reference to the historical background of electricity and electromagnetic fields, such as early suspicion that such fields (electromagnetic) and signals could have negative health effects emerged, and how to go today to the public discussion worldwide. I will also refer to the electrohipersensibilidad as functional impairment, and laws and regulations which guide us in connection with such disabilities. I go into more depth about the results of scientific research on the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields and the urgent need for fully independent research projects that begin immediately to ensure public health.

 These projects must be fully independent of all commercial interests; public health can not have a price labeling (price or value in a tag) .It is important that the scientists involved in these projects are free from any conflict of interest and that the funds needed to cover 100% not 99% or less. This is the clear responsibility of the democratically elected body of all countries ".

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