Exactly How The New “5G” EMFs Will Make Us Sick with Dr. Jack Kruse (Electrosmog Rx free preview)

//Exactly How The New “5G” EMFs Will Make Us Sick with Dr. Jack Kruse (Electrosmog Rx free preview)

Exactly How The New “5G” EMFs Will Make Us Sick with Dr. Jack Kruse (Electrosmog Rx free preview)

Body Shield Improved My Energy Level

I used to get very tired after working with computer for 2 hours but wearing body shield, I could continue working on computers for longer hours without fatigue.


EMF Home Shield & Body Shield Is Amazing

I bought EMF home shield and also body shield. Ever since using home shield for home use, my children sleep better and waking up more refresh the next day. The body shield was amazing for me as I get more fresh and alert during the day. I am glad to use the products.



This interview is part of a bonus interview series that are available to paid members of the Electrosmog Rx EMF course for health practitioners I've put together in collaboration with amazing pioneers in health. See http://electrosmogrx.com/ to learn how to add EMFs to your functional medicine practice.

Due to general demand and the critical importance of this information, I've decided to publish this interview for free. If you want to check out my book at http://getbook.at/emf or my course at http://electrosmogrx.com/ -- it'll support my work as an independent, self-funded investigative health journalist specialized on the dangers of electromagnetic fields and modern technologies.

Links mentioned:
- My book, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: http://getbook.at/emf
- My EMF course for health practitioners, Electrosmog Rx: http://electrosmogrx.com/
- The Vermont talks Jack and I did last week will be posted online on Nourish Vermont's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0SNWvZbz0fPlVm4Et4i_Qg
- The 2016 Nobel prize in physics on topology: https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/2016/
- Kiniki tan-through shorts: https://www.kiniki.com/
- Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization by Sam Milham, MD: https://www.amazon.ca/Dirty-Electricity-Electrification-Diseases-Civilization/dp/193890818X
- DaVinci Haus: https://www.davinci-haus.co.uk/
- Jack's Patreon blog series: http://patreon.com/drjackkruse

What Jack & Nick discuss in this interview:
- How electricity is more harmful in Europe and triggers electro hypersensitivity (EHS) more often
- Why Jack is actually optimistic about 5G
- The controversial but quite possible link between 3G, 4G, 5G EMFs and suicides — and shocking facts about Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade's environments before their passing
- Why practitioners in Denver, Colorado Springs & Austin need to know about 5G dangers
- Why EMFs prevent your vitamin D from going up, dehydrate you on a cellular level, and drain your vitamin A levels too
- The best tests to use to know that your patients/clients are in the wrong EMF environment

Tests recommended
- BUN/creatinine ratio. When it's above 15/1... not good.
- 25 OH D -- you want levels as high as possible through sun exposure, not supplements.
- Stress profile index. DHEA levels in particular are an indication of how seriously sick your environment is.

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