Ep. 359 – How can Clean Energy be dirty? EMF myth busting with B.D. Erickson, CEO of Satic USA

//Ep. 359 – How can Clean Energy be dirty? EMF myth busting with B.D. Erickson, CEO of Satic USA

Ep. 359 – How can Clean Energy be dirty? EMF myth busting with B.D. Erickson, CEO of Satic USA

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EMF Home Shield & Body Shield Is Amazing

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Have you ever wondered why your cell phone gets hot when it's charging? Few folks realize the electromagnetism that's picked up as dirty electricity and moves through the circuit, making the charging process less efficient, and it not only increases your phone's heat, but your energy bills, and it shortens the life of all of the devices and appliances around us.

Well, today’s interview is with my friend B.D. Erickson who knows a thing or two about how to address that issue. His company, Satic USA has been building clean electricity products to address this issue since 2008. And more and more solar installers are beginning to install Satic products alongside their inverters to ensure a clean operating system inside your home.
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