EMF Explained: Ep. 5 – Are Children More Vulnerable to EMF Radiation?

//EMF Explained: Ep. 5 – Are Children More Vulnerable to EMF Radiation?

EMF Explained: Ep. 5 – Are Children More Vulnerable to EMF Radiation?

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Children’s developing bodies are different than adults’ on a physical, chemical, and biological level.

Because of their composition, non-ionizing EMF radiation can potentially do more damage to the developing tissue of children and unborn children, which are 3 times more susceptible to EMF radiation compared to adults.

Not only that, but after birth, more children are using cell phones and tablets daily than ever before. That means children today will spend a greater percentage of their lives connected to wireless technology, resulting in chronic exposure to EMF.

Swedish studies say that using mobile phones regularly before age 20 will increase the risk of developing a glioma on the side of the brain where a cell phone is held by 400%.

High levels of EMF exposure in children have been linked to Autism, ADHD, headaches, and other neurological disorders. From the womb to adulthood, the earlier you can mitigate exposure to EMF radiation, the better!


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