EMF Explained: Ep. 4 – The 4 Types of Radiation Emitting From Your Cell Phone

//EMF Explained: Ep. 4 – The 4 Types of Radiation Emitting From Your Cell Phone

EMF Explained: Ep. 4 – The 4 Types of Radiation Emitting From Your Cell Phone

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On the electromagnetic spectrum, high energy EMF radiation waves like gamma rays can instantly destroy cells.

Low energy EMF radiation waves, like infrared, microwaves, radio waves, and extremely low frequency waves can also damage cells, but only after a long period of exposure.

Every electronic device emits EMF radiation, and since now we’re using cell phones and other mobile devices for longer time-periods, it can be harmful. But what types of radiation do cell phones produce?

Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth are classified as radio frequency radiation.

1. Your mobile phone sends and receives cellular radio waves for miles when connecting to a cell tower.

2. Your phone also emits radio waves when its searching for a WiFi Connection, which can travel hundreds of feet.

3. Bluetooth emits radio waves up to 30 feet when enabled, even if it’s not paired to another device.

4. The electrical components of the cell phone itself emit extremely low frequency radiation, or ELF.

By turning off your phones power, or by turning off the Cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth connections, you can easily reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

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