Does Phone Radiation cause Oxidative Stress?

//Does Phone Radiation cause Oxidative Stress?

Does Phone Radiation cause Oxidative Stress?

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Here’s an article from the EMF Facts Consultancy, covering some Research by an expert Swiss committee called BERENIS, who were appointed by the Swiss government.

It concludes that: exposure to a “low dose” of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields may cause “severe health effects”

It talks about the correlation between oxidative stress and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

It looked at all relevant animal and cell studies published between 2010 and 2020.

And it concluded that the majority of the animal and more than half of the cell studies provided evidence of increased oxidative stress caused by wireless radiation.

The studies show that very young and elderly individuals can react less efficiently to oxidative stress induced by EMF.

When Oxidative stress affects our cells it can lead to disease, and other tests have shown that this has a disruptive effect on DNA.

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