Do Wifi Networks in Schools Harm Children? Dr Magda Havas | EMF Alert

//Do Wifi Networks in Schools Harm Children? Dr Magda Havas | EMF Alert

Do Wifi Networks in Schools Harm Children? Dr Magda Havas | EMF Alert

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Are Wi-Fi’s In Schools Safe?

We don't believe in putting (microwave) antennas near schools, so why are we so willing to put antennas inside schools? That's right, Wi-Fi routers are microwave antennas.

One type of microwave radiation we are all familiar with is the microwave oven. What do microwave ovens and Wi-Fi routers have in common, and how do they differ? Both use the same frequencies, and both have the same wavelength. This is the ideal condition for heating water.

They differ in that Wi-Fi routers use a much lower intensity of radiation. The radiation is not contained, it consists of pulsed waves rather than continuous waves, more about that later, and the Wi-Fi router is on all the time. For these three reasons we should be concerned about placing Wi-Fi routers inside schools, and inside our homes.

Let's have a microwave cooking lesson - We can bake a potato in a microwave oven set at 100% power within 6 minutes, if we reduce the power to 50% it will take twice as long or 12 minutes to bake the potato. This is called the time-weighted exposure.

Now let's replace the potato with students, and the microwave oven with a school. Students in school are exposed to microwave radiation for six hours a day, five days a week for 40-weeks each year. That comes to 1200 hours a year of exposure. After 10 years they are exposed to microwave radiation for 12,000 hours.

Let's put these 12-thousand hours into perspective - The Interphone study was published in 2010. This study showed that adults who used a cell phone for more than 1600 hours over a 10-year period, had a 40% increased risk of developing a brain tumor called Glioma.

How does this exposure compare to Wi-Fi in schools? Interesting, and yet we are told that Wi-Fi in schools is safe.

Scientists have given names to different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that have similar characteristics. At the bottom we have extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields, then we have a band called radiofrequency radiation that overlaps with microwaves, and radar WIFI fits into this category at 2.4 gigahertz.

In even higher frequencies we have ionizing radiation, that is known to be carcinogenic, both radio frequency and extremely low frequency fields are classified as possibly carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and microwave radiation has many of the same characteristics as light. For example, light can be transmitted through windows, reflected or focused by mirrors and glass, and absorbed by dark colors.

Similarly, microwaves can be transmitted through buildings, reflected and focused by metal, and they can be absorbed by water and fat. That is why we can cook a potato in a microwave oven, but we cannot cook dry rice.

True or false? Levels of microwave radiation in a room are uniform. False.

A filing cabinet as well as other metal objects can either decrease or increase our exposure to Wi-Fi radiation depending on its location relative to you and the router.

Taking a measurement at the middle of the room will not give the same reading as taking a measurement near a metal object near your computer or near the router. Metal objects on or in your body will also reflect, block, or focus microwave radiation.

This is why sensitive people are unable to wear jewelry. A student with a mouth full of braces standing near a router is likely to have higher radiation exposure in the head than a student not wearing braces.

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