Autism And ElectroMagnetic Radiation: How To Protect Yourself From Hidden EMF DangersEMF Dangers

//Autism And ElectroMagnetic Radiation: How To Protect Yourself From Hidden EMF DangersEMF Dangers

Autism And ElectroMagnetic Radiation: How To Protect Yourself From Hidden EMF DangersEMF Dangers

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Video Description:
“Autism is preventable, treatable and curable!” – Kerri Rivera. That’s one of my favorite quotes, and in our case, we have found it to be very true.
According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, elevated EMF exposure for a woman while pregnant maps to elevated risk for autism for her child. Once born, children exhibit inhibited communication between the cells, and inhibited cellular detoxification in the presence of EMF’s.
(EMF’s stands for Electromagnetic frequencies, or electromagnetic radiation and are invisible frequencies from cell phone towers, wi-fi networks, etc. Some people are more sensitive to these than others, with the most sensitive experiencing an increasingly common phenomenon called ElectroSensitivity. Here’s a great article on that: - Learn How We Are Traveling The Road Of Autism Recovery
If someone in your family is suffering from autism, you’ve probably found (as I have) that you must become your own autism expert in order to find, screen, and implement the autism recovery steps needed to help your child recover.
When my son was first diagnosed with autism, at age 4, the Children’s Hospital left me with little in the way of information or hope for his recovery. Now, at age 7, he is in a mainstream classroom and is considered recovered, with an ATEC score of below 10. While recovery looks different for everyone, I think in general we can say that if we can help our kiddos get their bodies healthy, their brains will follow – especially in the face of intense and ongoing behavior therapies like ABA, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Floor Time Therapy, Son-Rise Therapy – Choose As Many Therapies as you can and get that brain re-trained! (I’m all about neuro-plasticity, they can do it – you can help… (Hey, that was kind of like the Home Depot motto!… hehe, catchy!)

As one mom CYA’ing to another… Be warned that I am not a doctor and this should not be construed as medical advice or any advice at all. As far as I know, the FDA hasn’t watched this video and thumbs-upped it, (yet)… but you can if you want! Proceed at your own risk and be sure to subscribe to our channel! This is just a report of what I have read, done, and think.

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EMILY is an Autism Mom living in Seattle. Her son was diagnosed with high functioning autism at age 4 and since then, she has become – by necessity – an autism warrior, determined to get to the bottom of the causes of autism, and how to reverse these problems – leading to autism recovery. Her son is now considered recovered, and is attending mainstream school.
If you are on your own autism journey and would like to learn about the methods of autism healing used effectively by Emily’s family, you can visit her website here:

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