5G mass Genocide hazard target mm electromagnetic wave prevent blood hemogloben carry oxygen

//5G mass Genocide hazard target mm electromagnetic wave prevent blood hemogloben carry oxygen

5G mass Genocide hazard target mm electromagnetic wave prevent blood hemogloben carry oxygen

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oxygen atoms, hemoglobin molecules, & blood cells are smaller than 5G wavelengths =
300 MHz = 01 m , 003 GHz = 10 cm, 030 GHz = 01 cm , 300 GHz = 01 mm, 3THz = .1mm

an Oxygen atom diameter is half its O2 diameter of 3 angstroms 300 picometers or 0.3 nanometers ,
A photon would travel that distance in 6.87142036 * 10^-19 seconds or
one 1.45530319 * 10^18 th of a second,
over a billion gigahertz for a singular neutral oxygen gas molecule or atom

O2 dioxygen = allotrope of elemental oxygen has a 121 pico meter bond length

1,860,000,000 GHz = cryogenic liquid +oxygen vibrating frequency
1,556,000,000 GHz = gas state neutral oxygen vibrating frequency
1 455 303 190 GHz = cryogenic solid - oxygen vibrating frequency

0,000,000,006 GHz = 5G frequency
0,000,000,028 GHz = 5G frequency max

0,000,000,040 GHz absorption line of oxygen, lowest
0,000,000,135 GHz absorption line of oxygen , next lowest

0,000,454,230 GHz absorption line of hemoglobin 660 nm wavelength
0,000,318,928 GHz absorption line of hemoglobin 940 nm wavelength

The vibrational frequency of the oxygen molecule by J Shamir - ?1968


https://archive.fo/PNos9 =
5G will do to humans on land what tuned sonar arrays do for Whales and Dolphins under water and that is mass Genocide. That is because 5G is targeting the very faculties that keep us alive using steerable narrow intense energy beam to track and fatally dose mobile phone users with electromagnetic hazard mm wave. This exposure will weaponize the very oxygen we breath and has the capability to kill everyone if synchronised mass switching on of all 5G installations is performed. This is because 5G will prevent our blood from carrying oxygen and people in high coverage zones (cities) will die from asphyxiation. 5G resonates with oxygen's natural frequency vibrating the molecules in much the same way as a microwave oven does with water.?

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